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Racha, Martvili & Tskaltubo tour

Day 1
Racha is one of the most spectacular place in Georgia, famous with its prettiest nature, delicious wine and hospitable people. The most valued wines which comes from Goergia has it’s origins in Racha region, wines like: Usakhelouri and Khvanchkara, both of them are red wines.
To start tour to Racha destination we do pick ups at 09:00am, as there is around 3 hours drive to reach the region sightseeing points. We take the newly opened road which offers very beautiful surroundings, so we drive to the destination enjoying the scenery. First stop is in Shkmeri, highest inhabited place in that area. We reach Racha main part by around 13:00. Racha area is mainly countryside, you will be able to see local villages with it’s local culture represented. In this region there are many local families who host tourists at their place, so weather it is a lunch or dinner it might become a very interesting experience to everyone. After noon time we have a stop in Barakoni, Ambrolauri. Wine tasting is possible there – Khvanchkara originated from Racha and 3 types of wine including Khvanchkara. There is possibility to do tasting of Usakhelouri wine, this is an unique wine, very limited in production and many wineries around Georgia do not offer Usakhelouri in wine tasting options. After wine tasting we drive up to Mravaldzali (if weather permits) and have tour around. Village Mravaldzali is 1840 meters above the sea level. The green lake between the forested mountains is a very beautiful sight. The lake is swampy and not suitable for swimming, its shores are covered with aquatic plants. There are forests and fields around the lake. In the evening it’s possible to arrange local family dinner.
Overnight in Racha

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel
In the morning we continue our way to the direction of Martvili canyons (160 km – 3 hours drive) which allows us to pass Shaori Reservoir, have small stop there. Shaori Reservoir is one of the most attractive places in Racha. It is the biggest in Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti region. The Reservoir is inside a structural basin formed by the damming of Shaori River and surrounded by mixed deciduous trees.
Afterwards drive to Martvili to see Georgia's most spectacular canyon. You will enter the Canyon's visitor center. Travelers are offered of a boat trip through a Canyon and a pass to the amazing waterfalls. The colors of the canyon are amazing, as the light intensity changes regularly while passing a gorge. After Martvili canyon we drive to Okatse canyon (30 minutes between canyons).
In Okatse canyon local 4X4 car will be waiting at the entrance as canyon requires quite a while of trekking. After Okatse visit we drive to Tskaltubo (50 mins from Okatse canyon).
Dinner at the hotel
Overnight in Tskaltubo

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel
In the morning it’s possible to arrange Prometheus caves tour, this is one of the natural wonders of Georgia. . There are spectacular views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, and lakes throughout this vast and an impressive cave. Colorful lights range from orange, red, pink, and blue within the cave. You have two options to enjoy your remarkable cave tour. You may choose a walking tour along the 1,600-meter route or instead take a boat ride along the underground river. Drive back to Tbilisi (Tskaltubo-Tbilisi 245km – 4 hours drive).
While driving back to Tbilisi you will have a stop at a very authentic local host
who serves mainly Imeretian meals. This also splits the road in between
Tskaltubo and Tbilisi and you have a chance to rest while having lunch there.
Reach Tbilisi by the end of the day.

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