Dashbashi Discovery Expedition

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Dashbashi Discovery Expedition

Dashbashi Canyon has recently undergone renovations and is now an attractive destination situated in Georgia's Tsalka region, within the Khrami River gorge. Located 110 km from Tbilisi, the canyon sits at an elevation of 1100-1500 meters above sea level, spanning 8 kilometers. The region boasts a moderately humid climate with a considerably high annual temperature range.

This venture is a private investment that introduces a 240-meter-long glass bridge spanning the canyon, featuring a diamond-shaped café at its center. Additionally, the area includes a premium resort hotel with cottages, a Visitor Center, a restaurant, swimming pools, an 1800-meter path leading to the canyon river, captivating views, campgrounds, and various infrastructures designed to facilitate exceptional experiential recreation.

The canyon's bridge has been meticulously designed to harmonize with the environment, offering a 360-degree panoramic view for an unforgettable experience while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Dashbashi Canyon is hailed as one of Georgia's most impressive natural monuments, maintaining its lush greenery throughout the year. A 40-45 minute hike unveils breathtaking views of the canyon and its surroundings, showcasing its natural beauty and unique ecosystem. With a length of 8 km and towering heights, the canyon captivates visitors with its stunning waterfalls, underground waters, caves, and majestic cliffs.

The highlight of the canyon is the "weeping wall," a cascade of small waterfalls along the rocks. The ecosystem surrounding the canyon creates a micro landscape featuring lively waterfalls and diverse fauna. Dashbashi Canyon stands out for its natural diversity, hosting numerous waterfalls and both natural and man-made caves on its slopes. Along the way, we'll encounter the Algeti reservoir, Dashbashi St. George Monastery, and Berta Monastery. The evening will be free for exploration in Tbilisi.

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8 hours

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Not included


Up to 5 pax Mercedes Vito, 5 to 16 pax Mercedes Sprinter, and above 16 pax, there will be a coach

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Pick-up time: 10:00

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Up to 5 pax English-speaking guide/driver (same person) service is included.
Above 5 pax driver and a professional guide service are included
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