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Gori-Uplistsikhe Tour

Gori and Uplistsikhe tour can be done as a half day tour or get combined with Mtskheta tour, therefore make full day tour.

Uplistsikhe, in translation Fortress of the Lord, is a cave town fortress situated on a rocky massif on the left bank of the river Mtkvari. Dating back to I-II millennium B.C. Uplistsikhe was an important religious, political and cultural center in the Hellenistic and the late Antique periods. Visitors can still walk among the ancient streets, rock-carved theatre, royal halls, pharmacy, pagan temples and Christian churches, while the remains of granaries and large clay wine vessels give us some clue as to the daily life of the inhabitants. It is notable for the unique mixture of various rock-cut cultures from Anatolia and Iran's pagan and Christian architecture coexistence.

Uplistsikhe caves

Gori on the other hand is popular for being the birth town of Joseph Stalin, leader of Soviet Union was born in Gori and the city hosts his house as a museum.

The Museum retains its Soviet-era characteristics, Stalin's Original house, and Stalin's railway carriage. In addition, many items owned by Stalin, including some of his office furniture, his personal belongings and gifts made to him over the years. There is also much illustration by way of documentation, photographs, paintings and newspaper articles.

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