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Dashbashi Canyon tour

Dashbashi Canyon is recently renovated. It is situated in Georgia’s Tsalka region, in Khrami river gorge. Dashbashi Canyon is located 110km from Tbilisi and is 1100-1500 meters above sea level. The length of the canyon is 8 kilometers, with moderately humid climate and quite high annual temperature range.

It is a private investment which includes a 240-meter long glass bridge over the canyon, with a diamond-shaped cafe in the middle. There is a premium quality resort hotel with cottages in the area, also a Visitor Center, restaurant, swimming pools, a 1800-meter path to the canyon river, stunning views, campgrounds and a variety of infrastructure for perfect experiential recreation.

The bridge we visit in the canyon is designed in a way to fully synthesize with the environment, enabling a 360-degree panoramic sights for unforgettable sensations and at the same time integrating the highest level of safety standards.

Dashbashi canyon is one of the most impressive natural monuments of Georgia, green and beautiful all year long. We will hike about 40-45 minutes and enjoy breathtaking views of Dashbashi Canyon and its surroundings. With the length of 8 km and the height of several hundred meters, the canyon impresses with its natural beauty and unique ecosystem. Gorgeous waterfalls and underground waters, caves, majestic cliffs, all these open in front of your eyes in Dashbashi.

Dashbashi Canyon

The most spectacular sight of the canyon is the “weeping wall”, a cascade of small waterfalls along the rocks. Ecosystems around the canyon create a micro landscape with its fervent waterfalls and fauna. Dashbashi Canyon stands out for its natural diversity. On the slopes of the canyon there are numerous waterfalls and natural as well as man-made caves. On our way we will also see Algeti reservoir, Dashbashi St. George monastery and Berta monastery.

Evening free will be left for Tbilisi.

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