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Bike tour Tbilisi

Bike tour around Tbilisi is very spectacular due to many mountains and forests around the city. Bike tour can be done with regular or electric bikes. We do offer bike tours with the professionals who do explore the region on bikes and this are the kind of tours where we need experienced group leaders.

Here we have one of the options if the bike tour is done around Tbilisi area.

Tour starts from Ortachala from where the group takes off-road in forest to reach the settlement in Tsavkisi. This area has been inhabited since 12th century, but there were mainly villagers until recent years. Nowadays many people from the capital have moved to Tsavkisi area as by car it takes only 10 minutes to reach Tbilisi Freedon Square.

Tsavkisi area is settled on 900m above sea level.

From Tsavkisi the group shall continue to the direction of Tabakhmela, it is popular due to the events which took place in 1921. This is the place where the last resistance point against Russian Red Army in the battles of February 1921, where young Georgian Cadets were massacred (with some of them being buried alive) by Bolsheviks. Today one can see memorial dedicated to this event at the foothills of the citadel.

Once we pass Tabakhmela Kojori area wil be reached where once again routes via forests shall lead the group to Kojori Fortress (Koroghli Fortress), 2 km south of Kojori settlement, on Mount Azeula. There are stunning views from the fortress. This is a perfect place for a picnic and relaxing in nature.


Dating back to 11th century, this medieval stronghold holds many secrets and went through quite a few battles and sieges. It's primarily known for being a death place of famous Queen from the Georgian Golden Age - Tamar of Georgia (1166-1213).

Until the XV century, Kojori Fortress was called Agara Fortress. It is known that Tabakhmela, Tsavkisi, Shindisi and Kojori were called Agaras in ancient times. An important caravan route passed through these Agaras. The agara fortress was built on the crossroad of these routes. This fortress is sometimes called as Korogli Fortress too. This name has been established since the XVIII century. The famous geographer of the XVIII century Vakhushti Bagrationi calls Kojori Fortress Azeula.

The group shall continue their way offroad to the direction of Udzo Monastery. Its height is 1416 meters. St. George's Fathers Monastery stands on the Udzo Mountain. There are beautiful views from there. You will be able to enjoy the pleasant and cool forest.

The medieval church of St. George of Udzo was built by a childless (Udzo means childless in Georgian) man and he asked to St. George to give him a child. His dream came true and after that, childless women used to come here to pray. People who came here to pray, they left a sacrifice on one of the trees (this tree is still called “the wish tree”). After that the word "Udzeo" was also used to describe the mountain and the church. On Tuesday that folllows Easter day Udzo’s day is celebrated. Residents of nearby villages come here , gather for the holiday.

From here we head down to Kus Tba (Turtle Lake) and be picked up by a vehicle from there to drop back to the hotel or residence.

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