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Ananuri-Gudauri-Kazbegi Tour

During the tour you will have an opportunity to explore one of the most spectacular mountain region of Georgia. You will travel through the Georgian Millitary Highway that connects Russia to the south Caucasus region.

We start trip from Tbilisi early morning maximum by 9 am and visit Zhinvali Dam and Ananuri fortress first.

Zhinvali, also Jinvali, is an artificial water reservoir located on the river Aragvi in Georgia. The building of the hydroelectric dam formed the Zhinvali Reservoir. The dam was built in 1986. Water is perfectly blue color surrounded by the mountains.

Ananuri fortress is a sixteenth-century castle complex on the Aragvi River. The fortress stands beside the famous Georgian Military Highway overlooking a large Zhinvali lake. The main church facade is beautifully carved with animal, floral and Celtic style patterns. The place was the seat of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi. You can discover the intriguing plots of this feudal dynasty that ruled the area from the 13th century. Explore the site of numerous historic battles and take in the magnificent scenery — ideal for landscape photography.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Continue a stunning drive from Gudauri (the ski resort) along the Tergi River that will bring you to Kazbegi – the main town in the region.

It is the third-highest peak in Georgia (after Mount Shkhara and Janga) and the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus Mountains. Kazbegi is also the second- highest volcanic summit in the Caucasus, after Mount Elbrus. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda and is the most prominent geographic feature of the area. Mount Kazbegi is the highest peak of Eastern Georgia.

From Kazbegi we drive to Gergeti Trinity Church located at 2170m. Weather permitting you may catch a glimpse of one of the highest glaciers in the Caucasus – Mt Kazbegi (5047m).

The church located on the mountain was built in 14th century on the place that used to be pagan idols worship area. In 18th century, the church turned into storage for main Georgian relics that were transported here in the time of Persian invasion to Tbilisi. In the beginning of the 20th century, Soviet government closed the church, and it returned back to the Georgian Orthodox Church only in 1990’s.

After a short walk around Stepantsminda village we shall drive back to Tbilisi.

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