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Theater tour 

Within the theater tour you shall visit the theaters around Tbilisi and listen to many stories related with these buildings, among them we shall have:

Cinema House 
Historically, for many decades the “Cinema House” has been playing a great role in the popularization not only the Georgian and European cinema, but the world cinema with high artistic value. Cinema House hosts different cultural events: meeting with foreign and local film professionals, organizing film festivals, providing presentations, discussions, exhibitions and much more.

Opera and Ballet Theatre
The history of the Opera theatre counts 170 years. The foundation of the so called Caravanserai Theatre, which would seat 800 spectators, was laid down on April 15, 1847. The construction of the building of the Theatre, under the supervision of the Italian architect Scudieri lasted for four years. Since 1937 the Opera theatre is named after the Georgian classicist and the greatest composer of all time, Zakaria Paliashvili. Abesalom and Eteri by Zakaria Paliashvili has traditionally been the opening performance of the season at the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Theatre is a member of Opera Europa.  

Rustaveli  Theatre
The Rustaveli Theatre was founded  by a special dramatic committee made up of famous Georgian actors and writers along with cultural and political figures. It is the largest and one of the oldest theaters of Georgia, located in its capital Tbilisi on Rustaveli Avenue. Housed in an ornate Rococo-style edifice, since 1921,  the theatre has carried the name of Georgia's national poet Rustaveli. Although the Soviet state machine mercilessly suppressed freedom of artistic expression, the theatre has survived to this day in spite of its setbacks and even managed to put on several worthwhile productions in that difficult time.

Tbilisi State Puppet Theatre
Rezo Gabriadze's puppet theater is located on Shavteli Street in the old part of Tbilisi. It is the first Georgian puppet theater in Tbilisi. The theater was built in 1981 by Rezo Gabriadze. It has an individual, interesting architecture and is one of the most popular sights in Tbilisi. The clock tower created by Rezo Gabriadze in 2010 became the face of the theater. Once an hour, a golden angel comes out of the painted doorway and rings the bell with a small hammer. Twice a day, at 12:00 and 19:00, you can see a wonderful puppet show - "Circle of Life". Though modest in size, The Gabriadze Theater is among the world’s preeminent cultural institutions. Presenting mature puppet performances full of depth and meaning, it has gained the respect and recognition of international audiences and critics alike.

Marjanishvili  Theatre
This is a state theatre in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is one of the oldest and most significant theatres in the country, coming second perhaps only to the national Rustaveli Theatre.
The theatre was founded in Kutaisi in 1928 by Kote Marjanishvili. It moved to Tbilisi in 1930 to the former Brothers Zubalashvili philanthropic "Public House", the building it still occupies.  It was founded by a great theatre director and reformer of the Georgian theatre by the name of  Kote Marjanishvili. Marjanishvili played a crucial role in the development of Georgian theatrical life, and is generally credited with navigating a path for modern Georgian theatre. Using established Georgian theatrical traditions, he created a modern theatre in which antique, classical and modern drama existed harmoniously.

Shalikashvili Theatre
In 1961 a pantomime group was established under the management of Amiran Shalikashvili at the State Theatre and Cinema University of Georgia.In 1965 two significant events took place: first performance of “Now Then” was premiered on 13th May and Amiran Shalikashvili met a world celebrity French pantomime master Marcel Marceau. In the period of 1971-1975 years the troupe toured different republics of the former Soviet Union (115 cities altogether). It performed in Turkey, Germany, Poland, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Syria. Under a Resolution of the Government of Georgia issued on 1st January 1976 the Pantomime Theatre at the State Philharmonic was transformed into a State Theatre of Pantomime of Georgia. It was the very first state theatre of pantomime in the entire Soviet Union. Department of Pantomime Actors was established at the State University of Theatre and Cinema of Georgia in 1978 with an initiative of Amiran Shalikashvili.

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