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Bike tour above the clouds

Day 1

This is a 3 day bike tour which passes above the clouds. Tour starts with the ride by a vehicle from Tbilisi to Abastumani. It takes around 4 hours to reach Abastumani area, we stay there for overnight on the first day.

Abastumani (1400m above sea level) possesses a moderately dry mountainous climate, with relative humidity. Abastumani's three hyperthermic springs (39–48.5 °C) are little mineralized, rich in sulfate-sodium chloride waters. They have long been used in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists, Abastumani was a thriving spa and resort town during the last decades of the Russian czars. Abastumani was also a stomping ground for the Romanovs in the final days before the Russian Revolution. There is Romanov’s Palace (currently under restoration) which can be visited within this tour.

What we should not miss in Abastumani is the Astrophysical Observatory. The observation tower was set up with the endeavor of Eugene Kharaidze and is the first mining Astrophysical Observatory in the whole former Soviet Union. In 1934, there was set the 40-centimeter long telescope, of the type of Carl Zeiss’s. In that very same year, the Observatory became a member of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The first and most important finding of this observatory in Georgia was in 1942, when Georgian astronomer, Giorgi Tevzadze detected two new comets, which were named after him: “Comet 1942 Tevzadze 1” and “Comet 1942 Tevzadze 2. Later, R. Kiladze was the first astronomer, who measured the thickness of Saturn’s ring. But, that’s not everything, in 1974, he was the first, who noticed, that the planet Mercury had an atmosphere. A. Churadze was the first person, who found out supernova star- NGC 3389. The Observatory of Abastumani is still having wonderful researches in its fields and tries to gain important information for the whole universe.

Ruins the castle of Tamar of Georgia can also be visited from 12th century. Overnight in Abastumani which also allows us to have time for acclimatization.


Day 2

Starting from the very early morning the group shall take stunning off road in forests to the direction of Zekari pass, we shall reach  the altitude of 2200m. It shall take around 3-4 hours to reach Zekari pass from Abastumani. The paths lead in forest, above the clouds. Once Zekari pass is reached we shall unpack lunch for a picnic. Here we have open space mountains, clouds when you look down, wild horses around and whats most important the nature and surroundings are so fabulous one may find it difficult that it’s reality and the air you breath is full of oxygen.

After a slight rest inbetween we shall continue our way to the direction of Sairme. The Resort Sairme It is situated on the River Tzablaraskhevi at the altitude 800m, which means the group shall descend from Zekari pass from the altitude of 2200m. to 800m. It will be a slow descend in order to avoid any health related issues.

According to the myth, brothers tracked down a wounded deer to this place.The spring was flowing over stones reddened by rust. The surroundings were whitened by salt. Herds of deer drank the water in turns. That’s why this place was called Sairme (a place of deer.) Shepherds paid attention to this place too. There was also one unusual fact. 3 km from the spring, the grass was always green on one place.There was never snow and the ground was dry after a few minutes of rain.The secret was revealed in the 1920s, geologists discovered hot mineral water in the depth of ground.They started building sanatoriums. Nowadays this place offers resorts and residences and access to the springs, we shall do 1 overnight in Sairme and be picked up next day in by the evening to head back to Tbilisi.

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